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  • Lisa Joe Ammann


My dear readers and customers.


I want to apologize. I have been swamped in the past year. I started my studies at Glion Institute of higher education. Furthermore, I moved to Barcelona for six months for my first internship. I was working in the ritz Carlton "Hotel Arts" in a kitchen position.

Many things have changed since my la

st blog post. I have personally grown immensely, evolved continuously, and had an excellent opportunity to learn a lot. I was very busy and focused on my education until the COVID-19 started spreading. We, unfortunately, couldn't stay on campus, we had to continue the current semester online. These online classes were a new challenge for me, and I invested a lot of time to keep up to date with my classes and all the material.

For one week, we are back on campus, having the chance to review some of the material we learned during the quarantine. I am currently in semester three, which means the practical experience and education are mostly finished. Now it's back to books and computers. We are having marketing, accounting, statistics classes, and many more.

I will soon write to you again and share some pieces of my life.

I hope you are all safe and healthy!

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